Portadown War Memorial, Portadown, Co. Armagh

Portadown War Memorial stands in front of St. Mark's Church of Ireland at the top end of the Co. Armagh town. It commemorates the fallen of several conflicts.

Last Name First Name(s) Rank Unit Information
Archer Matthew Thomas Petty Officer Royal Navy D/JX 193627
Bell George Wilfred Third Radio Officer Merchant Navy S.S. Thornliebank
Benson John George Private The Pioneer Corps 13014845
Berry Francis Private Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 7013410
Blair Ernest Bramwell Sergeant Royal Air Force 1796405
Bleeks William James Leading Aircraftman Royal Air Force 1035372
Boyce Samuel John Lance Bombardier Royal Artillery 1063039
Burke Aubrey Corporal Royal Ulster Rifles 7046114
Callaghan William Edward Sergeant Royal Air Force 623929
Clayton Samuel Joseph Sergeant Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 1545659
Clulow James Ernest Ivor Sergeant North Irish Horse 7902378
Cole Norman Able Seaman Royal Navy D/JX 6302541
Craig William John Fusilier Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 6984364
Crossan Robert Fusilier Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 3781429
Currie Ernest Stewart Driver Royal Army Service Corps T/107789
Dawson Thomas Pilot Officer Royal Air Force 42339
Dougan Hampton Atkinson Lieutenant Colonel Royal Army Medical Corps 127133
England Norman Nicholas Sergeant Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 1130657
England Thomas Henry Lance Serjeant Irish Guards 2718941
Gibson James Gunner Royal Artillery 1456570
Gillis David Sergeant Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 1025077
Grimley Patrick Lance Corporal Corps of Military Police 3853199
Hall Alfred Fusilier Royal Irish Fusiliers 7046077
Hamilton Albert Able Seaman Royal Navy D/SSX 26639
Harrison John Lance Corporal The Pioneer Corps 1573121
Hamill James Cattleman Merchant Navy S.S. Ville d'Arlon
Hazlett Samuel Alexander Lance Corporal Canadian Infantry Corps B/159256
Hunniford George Sergeant Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 950488
Hunter William James Graham Stoker Royal Naval Patrol Service LT/KX 108031
Hutchinson William Robert Private Canadian Infantry Corps B/76677
Irwin Robert James Fusilier Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 7014337
Johnson John William Lance Corporal South Staffordshire Regiment 4915099
Kane Henry Signalman Royal Navy D/JX 165720
Kane Samuel Lance Corporal Royal Irish Fusiliers 6977922
Kane Vincent Serjeant Royal Artillery 1455245
Kerr Samuel John Aircraftman 2nd Class Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 976712
Ludlow Robert James Serjeant Royal Artillery 1064310
Lutton William John Kirkpatrick Able Seaman Royal Navy D/JX 707600
Lynas Ernest Lance Corporal The Parachute Regiment 7043594
Lynas Robert Corporal Royal Air Force 530316
Lyttle Albert Corporal Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 7015490 M.M.
Lyttle George Aubrey Signalman Royal Corps of Signals 3712389
Magin Henry Howard Sergeant Royal Air Force 637636
McCann George Private Royal Scots 14429060
McClatchey David Rifleman London Irish Rifles 7902391
McCullough David Fusilier Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 6983683
McVeigh Charles Joseph Serjeant Royal Ulster Rifles 7013567
Morrison John Private The Pioneer Corps 13037828
Pentland George Gunner Royal Artillery 956614
Robinson George Lance Corporal Special Air Service 884882
Roney Hugh Bombardier Royal Artillery 1453086
Seale Theophilus John Lieutenant Royal Irish Fusiliers 268965
Smith Ernest Private King's Own Scottish Borderers 6983727
Stanfield William John Gunner Royal Artillery 880709
Tinman Albert Corporal Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 6983317
Turbitt John Bombardier Royal Artillery 6974101
Tweedie James Taylor Trooper North Irish Horse 7902799
Webb Samuel Driver Royal Army Service Corps T/7013121
Wilson Samuel James Sergeant Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 1026302
Wilson Valentine Robertson Sergeant Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 1389001
Wolsey William Henry Lance Corporal Royal Scots Fusiliers 7047419
Wright Alexander Rifleman Royal Ulster Rifles 7009511
Wright Wilfred Aircraftman 2nd Class Royal Air Force 538668

The Fallen of the Second World War

On 11th November 1951, Dr. George Dougan M.P. led the ceremony unveiling new panels on the Portadown War Memorial to commemorate the fallen of the Second World War.

2018 additions to the memorial

In 2018, to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of The Great War, a number of new names were added to the Portadown War Memorial including 22 who served in the Second World War.

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