Co. Antrim

During World War Two, Co. Antrim in Northern Ireland played host to RAF and USAAF airfields, evacuee camps, and bases and training grounds for American GIs.

Co. Antrim

Co. Antrim

United Kingdom

County Antrim in the province of Ulster is one of the six counties that make up Northern Ireland. It covers an area of 3,046 square kilometres and has a population of about 618,000.

It shares borders with Co. Down to the south and Co. Londonderry to the west. On its south-western side is the Lough Neagh.

Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland

Australian War Memorial Photo: P00687.831. Pilot Officer Cyril Hampden Isaacs sits in the Wishing Chair at the Giant's Causeway, one of Northern Ireland's most famous visitor attractions in August 1945. Copyright Cyril Hampden Isaac.


The county boasts spectacular landscapes such as the isolated and rugged Glens of Antrim. The north coast also features the UNESCO World Heritage Site, The Giants Causeway, and the nearby Bushmills Distillery.

Most of Northern Ireland’s capital city Belfast lies within the county borders.


The county takes its name from the old town name of Aontroim, the Irish word for a lone ridge.

Towns and Cities

Map showing Belfast, Co. Antrim

Belfast, Co. Antrim

Co. Antrim

Belfast is the capital city of Northern Ireland. The town developed as a port and gained city status in 1888 due to its industry and manufacturing.




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