Belfast City Hall, Donegall Square North, Belfast

During, and in the years after, the Second World War, Belfast's City Hall on Donegall Square North became a focal point of commemoration in the city centre.

Visit of the Princess Royal

On 14th October 1942, Her Royal Highness, the Princess Royal visited Belfast City Hall during a short official visit to Northern Ireland.

M. Jan Masaryk in Belfast

On 14th December 1942, M. Jan Masaryk (Deputy Prime Minister of Czechoslovakia) and General Sergej Ingr laid a commemorative wreath at the Cenotaph in Belfast.

Remembering the "Friendly Invasion"

On 26th January 1943, the Duke of Abercorn (Governor of Northern Ireland) unveiled a commemorative stone that still stands in the grounds of City Hall, Belfast.

Battle of Britain Commemoration in 1943

On 26th September 1943, dignitaries and military officers gathered at Belfast's City Hall to take the salute during a Battle of Britain commemoration parade.

Holocaust Memorial Day 2022

On 25th January 2022, Belfast City Council hosted an LGBTQIA+ Holocaust Memorial Day event. Organisations such as Cara-Friend, The Rainbow Project, and Here-NI laid wreaths to remember those from the LGBTQIA+ community murdered by the Nazi regime.

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