Russell Peter Hartle

Major General Russell P. Hartle first arrived at Belfast Docks in Northern Ireland on 26th January 1942 in command of 34th (Red Bull) Infantry Division.

Major General

Russell Peter Hartle

Arrival in Ulster

On 26th January 1942, the first elements of the United States Army landed in Northern Ireland. Among the first to disembark was Major General Russell P. Hartle.

Hartle in Northern Ireland

Throughout 1942 and 1943, Major General Hartle was a familiar figure alongside soldiers, officers, and dignitaries at a range of events across Northern Ireland.

1. Mrs. Sinclair 2. Mr. John Edmund Warnock 3. Unknown 4. Duchess of Abercorn 5. Major General Russell P. Hartle 6. Duke of Abercorn (Governor of Northern Ireland) 7. Mrs. Archeson 8. Major General Vivian Henry Bruce Majendie 9. Mr. Douglas.

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