Ulster Kerry Blue Terrier Club, Premier Drive, Belfast

In 1943, the Ulster Kerry Blue Terrier Club in Belfast offered the role of Honorary President to Major General Russell P. Hartle, U.S. Army.

Letter from Robert Meekin Esq.

Hon. Sec. Mr. R. Meekin

80, Premier Drive,
Shore Road,

Dear Sir,

The officers and members of the above club regret that your duties cannot allow you to honour the club by becoming President and have taken the liberty of making you a Life Member.

We wish to thank you for offering to present a trophy for our Annual Cup Show which will be competed for in the Post Graduate Class and should tend to add great interest among the members.

I am glad to know that “Scrappy” is keeping fit and I am sure enhancing the Kerry Blue reputation wherever he goes and always keeping fresh in your memory the pleasant associations you made in N. Ireland.

With the club’s best wishes and thanks to you and your troops who have done much to bring a closer understanding between Britain and America when peace comes.

I am,
Yours sincerely,
Robt. Meekin.

Letter from Major General Hartle

A.P.O. 305, U.S. Army

30 June 1943

Robert Meekin Esq.
Hon. Sec. Ulster Kerry Blue Terrier Club
80 Premier Drive
Shore Road, Belfast

Dear Mr. Meekin:

With reference to your letter of June 16th, please express to the membership of our Kerry Blue Club my utmost appreciation of the thought that prompted them in making me a lifetime member. In the latter connection, I again wish to register my regret in not being able to function as your president.

I hope to be able to fulfil my promise of a trophy for the annual cup show during the not-distant future. In the meantime, with many thanks, my very kindest regards to the various members of the club, I am

Most sincerely,
R.P. Hartle
Major General, U.S. Army

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