The Linen Hall, Donegall Square North, Belfast

Researchers have access to a wealth of material relating to the Second World War in the significant and unique museum collections in The Linen Hall, Belfast.

Belfast Telegraph Spitfire Fund

Within the unique collections of The Linen Hall in Belfast is a book collating newspaper cuttings of all those who contributed to the Belfast Telegraph Spitfire Fund in 1940.

The Protection of your Home

Across the United Kingdom, including in Northern Ireland, citizens received government advice on how to prepare for air raids during the Second World War.

The A.R.P. Warden Book

An interesting artifact from the Belfast Blitz features in the collections of The Linen Hall. The A.R.P. Warden book contains hundreds of documents relating to search and rescue efforts, unexploded bombs, and dealing with casualties.

Bombs on Belfast

The Belfast Telegraph published 'Bombs on Belfast' as a record of some of the destruction caused across the city following the Luftwaffe attacks of April and May 1941.

Belfast Blitz Photographs

Within the archives of The Linen Hall in Belfast is a leather-bound album of dozens of photographs. Taken by an unknown photographer, they show the damage caused to the north and east of the city in April and May 1941.

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