Co. Armagh

Co. Armagh was a hive of activity in the Second World War. Thousands of American GIs passed through the Orchard County from bases such as Brownlow House.

County Armagh

Co. Armagh

United Kingdom

County Armagh in the province of Ulster is one of the six counties that make up Northern Ireland. It covers an area of 1,326 square kilometres and has a population of about 174,792.

It shares borders with Co. Down to the east and Co. Tyrone to the north-west. On its north-eastern side is the Lough Neagh.

Tandragee Castle in 1943

In 1943 and 1944, men from the US Army were based at Tandragee Castle in Co. Armagh. The 6th Cavalry Mechanised Division manoeuvred in the area. Photo from Roy Vogan's Tandragee Community Photos collection. Copyright unknown. Used with permission of Roy Vogan.


The area is known as The Orchard County due to the many apple orchards. The south of the county is rugged and hilly with Carrigatuke, Lislea, and Camlough Mountains as well as Slieve Gullion, the county’s highest point.


The county takes its name from the town of Ard Macha, the Irish word for Macha’s Height, thought to be an ancient king who built a site at what is now Navan Fort.

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Co. Armagh

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