Matilda Lillian Grattan

Matilda Lillian Grattan lived in Bangor, Co. Down with her family when she died as a result of enemy action on 16th April 1941 during the Belfast Blitz.


Matilda Lillian Grattan

Civilian Matilda Lillian Grattan was a fatal casualty of the Belfast Blitz during the Second World War. She lived with her husband Andrew Francis Grattan, sons Robert Andrew Grattan and George Francis Grattan, and daughters Kathleen Grattan, Hilda Grattan, Shelagh Grattan and Angeline Grattan at 40 Ashley Gardens, Bangor, Co. Down at the time of the Luftwaffe attack on the town.

Matilda Lillian Grattan died on 16th April 1941 aged 54 years old at 40 Ashley Gardens, Bangor, Co. Down. Her grave is in an unmarked plot at Bangor Cemetery, Bangor, Co. Down.

A funeral service took place at St. Comgall’s Church, Brunswick Road, Bangor, Co. Down on 18th May 1941. Reverend T. MacGowan and Reverend A.R. McNabb conducted the service while Jacob O’Neill of Dufferin Avenue, Bangor, Co. Down carried out arrangements. On behalf of the citizens of Bangor and the local council, Mayor Councillor W.M. McMillan and Town Clerk Mr. R.M. Moore attended the Grattan funeral.

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