Shane’s Castle, Randalstown, Co. Antrim

During the Second World War, British soldiers sowed oats in the fields near an Ordnance Site at Shane's Castle, Randalstown, Co. Antrim, harvesting in 1942.

V.A. McKitterick, Dispatch Rider, Royal Corps of Signals, who escaped from Dunkirk by swimming a mile and a half to a Destroyer, has been presented with a New Testament and gifts of money and cigarettes from the pupils and ex-pupils of Shane’s Castle P.E.S., Randalstown and their friends.

Working the land in May 1942

On 5th May 1942, soldiers of the British Army and United States Army underwent tuition in agricultural techniques on farmland near Shane's Castle, Co. Antrim.

Harvesting oats in 1942

On 8th October 1942, British Army soldiers helped bring in an impressive harvest of oats near the White Lodge at Shane's Castle at Randalstown, Co. Antrim.

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