Millisle Primary School, Millisle, Co. Down

Millisle Primary School stands in the quiet seaside town of Millisle, Co. Down. During the 1940s some pupils were Jewish refugees from occupied Europe.

Millisle Primary School

9 Abbery Road


Co. Down

BT22 2DF

United Kingdom

Between 1938 and 1948, Millisle was home to a small Jewish community based at a farm at Ballyrolly House. Many of the children attended the nearby Millisle Primary School.

Headmaster John Palmer ran the school and a Mrs. Mawhinney taught the under 8s. The Kindertransport children sat next to and learned with local children such as Bobbie Hackworth. He was one of the interviewees on a 30-minute documentary made at the primary school generations later. Written and produced by 8 and 9-year-olds from Primary 5 and their teacher Linda Patterson, the documentary is entitled ‘A Kinder Place, A Different World’.

Once they reached the age of 14 years old, some of the children left for secondary schools. These included Bangor Grammar School, Bangor High School for Girls, and Regent House Grammar School.