Dundonald Cemetery, Dundonald, Co. Down

Dundonald Cemetery, Newtownards Road, Dundonald, Co. Down is the final resting place of several members of the armed services who saw action in WW2.

Dundonald Cemetery

743 Newtownards Road


Co. Down

BT16 2QY

United Kingdom

Commonwealth War Graves in Dundonald Cemetery

There are 88 World War Two Commonwealth War Graves Commission graves in Dundonald Cemetery. Many others lost during the war have their names remembered on family memorials.

Last nameFirst Name(s)RankDate of DeathGrave
BrownJohn ThomasFlying Officer17th December 1943A3 166
CoulterThomasRifleman8th February 1942E1 60
PhillipsDavid MaxwellWarrant Officer Class III2nd June 1940E2 55
JonesRonaldCompany Quartermaster Sergeant22nd November 1944F2 388
SprayHugh AndrewsGunner16th June 1940D1 464
SpridgeonWilliam EdwardGunner6th February 1947B4 696
HallidayWilliam ErickSergeant10th December 1942A2 308
IrwinWallace John TalbotMajor30th January 1947C5 100
SimpsonJamesAircraftman 2nd Class1st October 1944B5 316
WilsonSamuelPrivate3rd March 1947B4 227
McCrackenCharles Henry KempPrivate9th September 1947E6 131
CrabbeJames DouglasFlying Officer9th November 1942E3 698
MurphyCharlesAble Seaman14th April 1945B5 406
ProudfootWilliam JamesRifleman3rd July 1947F5 216
ColeCecilLeading Aircraftman5th April 1946B4 864
HeapWilliam James Sydney JonesAircraftman 2nd Class12th March 1942A2 230
SprattRobertGunner6th February 1946B1 78
StewartWilliam JamesPrivate26th August 1941C1 571
CookeElizabethAircraftwoman 1st Class21st November 1945B4 857
StockdaleThomas NormanPilot Officer28th August 1943D1 306
SmythEricLeading Aircraftman11th September 1945B5 417
WintersJohn OwensSergeant2nd December 1943D2 82
HornerSamuel YoungDriver15th November 1945B4 728
HumeJohn FrenchCorporal15th February 1946B4 803
WeirEdwardPrivate14th January 1947B4 613
KildeaRobert MichaelFlying Officer28th August 1943E5 235
AgnewRobert KeithLeading Aircraftman9th December 1941E3 899
ThompsonFairfieldSergeant13th September 1942F6 514
CarrothersThomasGunner19th June 1940E4 48
PriceGeorgeSergeant13th December 1943B5 781
GrantArchibaldBombardier21st February 1942E5 902
HeganRobert StanleyLeading Aircraftman6th January 1943F5 175
SterlingRobert CamacPilot Officer23rd July 1940B2 294
HawthorneJames ThomasSergeant1st February 1941E6 226
MaxwellWilliam Ernest NormanFlying Officer23rd January 1943F3 165
SpenceRobertPrivate24th September 1942F5 5
HamiltonGeorge DesmondFlying Officer14th August 1944B5 243
HaireJohn KeatingeSergeant6th November 1940D4 102
McKnightGuyGunner20th January 1941F3 46
DoggartEdmund HorzmanPrivate4th March 1940F5 569
HobsonFrancisOrdinary Seaman13th September 1940C2 318
ScouarnecJosephAble Seaman31st October 1945B4 729
MontgomeryJohn HenryCorporal15th November 1945D2 567
McKernanJoseph WilliamWarrant Officer Class II2nd April 1947C5 680
MontgomeryHugh GrahamSergeant13th August 1943F2 7
AgnewJames ThompsonFlying Officer20th April 1944B2 347
SmythAaronTrooper3rd October 1944A3 586
PattersonJohnPrivate18th July 1946D4 636
NichollJohnSergeant13th July 1941B2 417
HaveronDanielCorporal17th November 1947C6 135
ThompsonRobert ArnoldSecond Lieutenant14th April 1940C1 9
GuyHubertSergeant18th August 1942F4 565
DoyleRichardLance Corporal10th March 1942D5 588
GrieveJohn DonaldsonSergeant4th February 1945E4 296
SpenceSydneyDriver28th August 1947F6 571
CrabbSydney ReginaldCorporal16th April 1942A2 250
EvansThomas GlyndwrSergeant24th July 1941F3 30
SmithMarjorie MaryPrivate15th September 1944B5 576
GrahamGeorgeFusilier16th April 1941E1 490
SavageJoseph WardleLeading Aircraftman8th April 1941B2 809
NapierHerbert VincentCorporal14th May 1943E6 142
KingJohnWarrant Officer Class III29th July 1940F2 877
TitteringtonJamesSergeant23rd November 1943A3 118
ColemanJohn WilliamPetty Officer Stoker23rd November 1945B4 639
PollandJoseph NormanSergeant19th December 1943E2 766
KerrJames Francis FergusonSergeant21st October 1940A1 14
AllinghamWilliam JohnstonSquadron Leader27th October 1941D1 80
KeownFrederick JamesSergeant3rd February 1943C4 223
McKinneySamuel AlexanderPilot II30th August 1947B5 210
BannisterBrian StanleyFlight Lieutenant17th July 1942B2 732
StewartJames GordonLeading Aircraftman4th June 1947C5 110
ReidDavidCorporal3rd June 1942A2 183
FinlayFrederick EPrivate16th February 1945E5 344
JeffreyWilliamLeading Aircraftman22nd August 1946E2 107
McFarlandJohnRifleman25th March 1942A2 241
BrownRobert AugustusCorporal30th July 1942F4 362
ElliottGeorge ErnestLeading Stoker10th December 1946C2 264
ClarkeJohnCorporal28th March 1940F6 188
StarrettRichardRifleman25th March 1943B1 744
ThompsonJohnGunner28th June 1945D1 306
KirkpatrickAndrewFusilier11th September 1940F6 277
KnoxFrancisRifleman8th May 1940E2 345
LowryRobertLeading Aircraftman12th May 1943E1 11
McCrumRobert IvanCaptain25th June 1946A4 21
RodgersAlbert HenryLance Corporal25th April 1947B5 762
ShawEdmund VernerFlight Sergeant21st May 1942D4 105
SloanSamuelChief Engineer Officer28th July 1940B1 244
McGirrFrancis MartinAble Seaman11th January 1942E1 52
James Thompson Agnew

James Thompson Agnew

Flying Officer

Flying Officer James Thompson Agnew died on 20th April 1944 in a training crash. With Bomber Command, he won a Distinguished Flying Cross in December 1943.

Robert Keith Agnew

Leading Aircraftman | 1136022

Robert Keith Agnew was a Leading Aircraftman in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. He was training as a pilot when he died on 9th December 1941.

William Johnston Allingham

Squadron leader | 77332

Squadron Leader William John Allingham served in the Royal Air Force and died aged 56 years old on 27th October 1941. He is buried in Dundonald, Co. Down.

Brian Stanley Bannister

Flight Lieutenant | 43089

Flight Lieutenant Brian Stanley Bannister of Belfast, Co. Antrim died on 17th July 1942 when Lockheed Hudson N7253 came down on a flight from RAF Sydenham.

John Thomas Brown

Flying Officer | 156611

The RAF suffered heavy losses on the night of 16th-17th December 1943, known as "Black Thursday". Belfast-born John Thomas Brown was one of many losses.

Robert Augustus Brown

Corporal | 816108

Corporal Robert Augustus Brown of Belfast, Co. Down served in the Auxiliary Air Force in ground crew with RAF 502 Squadron when he died on 30th July 1942.

John Clarke

Corporal | D/24423

Corporal John Clarke from Dundonald, Co. Down served in 6th Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles, a Home Defence battalion when he died on 28th March 1940.

Cecil Cole

Leading Aircraftman | 623905

Leading Aircraftman Cecil Cole of Roxburgh Street, Belfast, Co. Antrim died on 5th April 1946 having served in the Royal Air Force during World War Two.

HMS Danae and cruisers bound for Normandy

John William Coleman

Petty Officer Stoker | P/K57950

Royal Navy Petty Officer Stoker John William Coleman was born in Liverpool, Lancashire but made a home with his wife and daughter in Belfast, Co. Antrim.

Elizabeth Cooke

Aircraftwoman 1st Class | 2098275

On 21st November 1945, Aircraftwoman1st Class Elizabeth Cooke died in Belfast, Co. Antrim. She had served with the Women's Auxiliary Air Force in the war.

James Douglas Crabbe

Flying Officer | 119539

Pilot Officer James Douglas Crabbe of Belfast, Co. Down was a flying instructor with the Royal Air Force when he died while training on 9th November 1942.

George Ernest Elliott

Leading Stoker | D/KX 81795

Leading Stoker George Ernest Elliott served in the Royal Navy throughout the Second World War. He died shortly after the war's end on 10th December 1946.

Thomas Glyndwr Evans

Sergeant | 3957965

Born in Wales, Sergeant Thomas Glyndwr Evans served in 1/5th Battalion Welch Regiment at the time of his death in Belfast, Co. Antrim on 24th July 1941.

Frederick Ernest Finlay

Private | 6984160

Private Frederick Ernest Finlay died at Purdysburn Emergency Hospital, Belfast, Co. Antrim on 16th February 1945. He served in the Corps of Military Police.

Archibald Grant

Archibald Grant

Bombardier | 1463105

Bombardier Archibald Grant died on 21st February 1942. He was a former player at Linfield Football Club before enlisting in the Territorial Army in 1939.

Hubert Guy

Sergeant | 1096085

Sergeant Hubert Guy of Belfast, Co. Antrim died on 18th August 1942 when his Hawker Hurricane fighter crashed in a training accident near Forfar, Scotland.

Sergeant John Keatinge Haire

John Keatinge Haire


Sergeant John Keatinge Haire was a pilot with RAF 145 Squadron during the Battle of Britain who sacrificed his life to save others on the Isle of Wight.

William Erick Halliday

Sergeant | 1126208

Sergeant William Erick Halliday lived on Cyprus Avenue in East Belfast when he went to war. He died in training with the Royal Air Force in December 1942.

George Desmond Hamilton

Flying Officer | 150802

Flying Officer George Desmond Hamilton of Belfast, Co. Antrim died on 14th August 1944 when Airspeed Oxford ED223 of 11 (P)AFU crashed on a training flight.

William James Sydney Jones Heap

Aircraftman 2nd Class | 1123746

Aircraftman 2nd Class William James Sydney Jones Heap died on 12th March 1942 when his Blackburn Botha plane crashed into a cliff face on the Isle of Man.

Ronald Jones

Company Quartermaster Sergeant | 3907957

Ronald Jones served as a Company Quartermaster Sergeant in the Welch Regiment when he died on 22nd November 1944. His grave is in Dundonald, Co. Down.

Robert Michael Kildea

Flying Officer | 118092

Flying Officer Robert Michael Kildea of Templemore Avenue, Belfast, Co. Down served as a Pilot in RAF 86 Squadron at his time of death on 28th August 1943.

John King

Warrant Officer Class III | 7008389

Warrant Officer Class III John King of Belfast, Co. Down was a Platoon Sergeant Major in 2nd Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles when he died on 29th July 1940.

Robert Lowry

Leading Aircraftman | 1502000

Leading Aircraftman Robert Lowry died on 12th May 1943 after the dispersal hut of D Flight, RAF No. 1658 Heavy Conversion Unit caught fire in Yorkshire.

Robert Ivan McCrum

Captain | 152246

Retired British Army Captain Robert Ivan McCrum of Belfast, Co. Antrim died on 25th June 1946 after having been recalled to the General Service Corps.

John McFarland

Rifleman | 25089

Rifleman John McFarland was enlisted in the 30th Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles when he died at Campbell College Military Hospital on 25th March 1942.

Samuel Alexander Moore McKinney

Pilot II | 1795958

Pilot II Samuel Alexander Moore McKinney died as a result of a motorcycle accident in Deben, Suffolk on 30th August 1947. He served in RAF 54 Squadron.

Guy McKnight

Gunner | 1523252

Gunner Guy McKnight of Belfast, Co. Down died on 20th January 1941. He served in 315th Battery, 102nd Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery.

George Herbert Menary


Sergeant George Herbert Menary from Belfast, Co. Antrim is buried in Dundonald Cemetery, Dundonald, Co. Down. He died on 1st April 1949, soon after the war.

Hugh Graham Montgomery

Sergeant | 657862

Sergeant Hugh Graham Montgomery died on 13th August 1943 while serving with the Royal Air Force. Before 1941, he served with the Royal Artilley in France.

David Maxwell Phillips

Warrant Officer Class III | 6976134

Warrant Officer Class III David Maxwell Phillips died on 2nd June 1940 soon after returning to his hometown of Belfast, Co. Antrim from Dunkirk, France.

William James Proudfoot

Rifleman | D/25113

Rifleman William James Proudfoot died on 3rd July 1947 aged 63 years old having served with 7th Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles in the Second World War.

Joseph Wardle Savage

Joseph Wardle Savage

Leading Aircraftman | 1109070

Leading Aircraftman Joseph Wardle Savage from Belfast, Co. Antrim died on 8th April 1941 after his De Havilland Tiger Moth collided with another in mid-air.

Joseph Scouarnec

Able Seaman

Able Seaman Joseph Scouarnec was a Free French member of the Merchant Navy who travelled much of the world before his death in Belfast, Co. Antrim in 1945.

Edmund Verner Shaw

Flight Sergeant | 748518

Flight Sergeant Edmund Verner Shaw died on 21st May 1942 when his Avro Anson bomber of the RAF's No. 21 OTU came down near Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire.

James Simpson

Aircraftman 2nd Class | 1905744

Aircraftman 2nd Class James Simpson from Belfast, Co. Antrim died on 1st October 1944. His grave is in Dundonald Cemetery, Co. Down, Northern Ireland.

Samuel Sloan

Chief Engineer Officer

Chief Engineer Officer Samuel Sloan served in the Merchant Navy on SS Orlock Head at the time of his death on 28th July 1940 as a result of enemy action.

Aaron Smyth

Trooper | 7018785

Trooper Aaron Smyth served in the Reconnaissance Corps at the time of his death on 3rd October 1944. His grave is in Dundonald Cemetery, Co. Down.

Robert Spence

Private | 7018821

Private Robert Spence served in the Royal Army Ordnance Corps during wartime when he died at Massereene Hospital, Antrim, Co. Antrim on 24th September 1942.

Robert Spratt

Gunner | 1472242

Gunner Robert Spratt served in the Royal Artillery during World War Two. He died on 6th February 1946 in his brother in law's house in Belfast, Co. Antrim.

Hugh Andrews Spray

Hugh Andrews Spray

Gunner | 1465681

Gunner Hugh Andrews Spray of Glenfarne Street, Belfast, Co. Antrim died on 16th June 1940 while en route to England to receive treatment for his wounds.

Richard Starrett

Rifleman | D/25132

Rifleman Richard Starrett was born in Barrow-in-Furness and moved to Belfast, Co. Antrim. During World War One, he enlisted with the Royal Irish Rifles.

Robert Camac Sterling

Pilot Officer | 77981

Pilot Officer Robert Camac Sterling was the only member of his RAF 149 Squadron crew killed when a BF110 attacked their Wellington on 23rd July 1940.

James Gordon Stewart

Leading Aircraftman | 650034

Leading Aircraftman James Gordon Stewart died on 4th June 1947 aged 29 years old having served during the Second World War with the Royal Air Force.

William James Stewart

Private | D/39922

Private William James Stewart of Belfast, Co. Antrim died on 26th August 1941 while serving in the United Kingdom with 10th Battalion The King's Regiment.

Thomas Norman Stockdale

Pilot Officer | 52486

Pilot Officer Thomas Norman Stockdale of Bangor, Co. Down died when Bristol Beaufighter LZ156 crashed in Argyllshire in Scotland on 28th August 1943.

James Titterington

Sergeant | 1796161

Sergeant James Titterington was a Flight Engineer on board Halifax JB926 that crashed in horrific weather conditions over Yorkshire on 24th November 1943.

Edward Weir

Private | D/24547

Edward Weir, the son of a Scottish rivetter in Belfast's shipyards, died on 14th January 1947 after treatment in the UVF Hospital, Upper Galwally, Belfast.

Family Memorials in Dundonald Cemetery

These names are inscribed and remembered on family plots in Dundonald Cemetery, Co. Down.

John Anderson


Greaser John Anderson served in the Merchant Navy on board MV Fort Richepanse at the time of his death on 3rd September 1941. He lived in East Belfast.

Robert Corbett Boyle

Chief Steward | 171309

Chief Steward Robert Corbett Boyle served in the Merchant Navy during World War Two. He was on board SS Refast on 26th January 1942 when it was attacked.

Sydney Colbert

Flying Officer | 148102

Flying Officer Sydney Colbert DFC was a member of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve serving in 156 Squadron. He was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Pilot Officer Vivian Lester Currie

Vivian Lester Currie

Pilot Officer | 106035

Pilot Officer Vivian Lester Currie died on 23rd July 1942 after he engaged with 2 German fighter planes over the English Channel to the north of Brittany.

Samuel Glass

Rifleman | 7020032

Rifleman Samuel Glass served in 1st Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles during World War Two. He landed in Normandy on D-Day and was shot by a sniper on 7th June.

Other graves in Dundonald Cemetery

Thomas William Bleakley


Civilian Thomas William Bleakley was a joiner from Thorndyke Street, East Belfast, Co. Down. He died in an air raid shelter on the night of 15th April 1941.

Samuel Hoy Gowan


Firewatcher Samuel Hoy Gowan was a Firewatcher at Pollock Dock, Belfast, Co. Antrim when he died on 8th April 1941 in The Docks Raid of the Belfast Blitz.

Alexander McIlwrath Hagans


Firewatcher Alexander McIlwrath Hagans died on 8th April 1941 while working at the Harland and Wolff Shipyard during The Docks Raid of the Belfast Blitz.

James Francis Ferguson Kerr

Sergeant | 748075

Sergeant James Francis Ferguson Kerr was training as an observer with No. 13 OTU when he died as a result of an aviation accident on 21st October 1940.

Stanley Kyle


Stanley Kyle of 40 Hillview Avenue, Belfast, Co. Down worked at Harland and Wolff Shipyard. when the Luftwaffe attacked on the night of 7th-8th April 1941.

Archibald McDonald


Volunteer fireman Archibald McDonald from Belfast was among the first Auxiliary Fire Service victims of the Luftwaffe's Belfast Blitz on 7th April 1941.

George Herbert Menary


Sergeant George Herbert Menary from Belfast, Co. Antrim is buried in Dundonald Cemetery, Dundonald, Co. Down. He died on 1st April 1949, soon after the war.

Sydney Spence

Driver | T/5334829

Driver Sydney Spence of Belfast, Co. Antrim served in the Royal Army Service Corps at the time of his death on 28th August 1947 after World War Two.

William Robert Watt


Sergeant William Robert Watt served with the 2nd Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers during World War Two. He was born in 1914 in Belfast, Co. Antrim.