Five U.S. Engineers killed during training incidents in February 1944

Accidents occurred during training exercises in Northern Ireland. In a single week in February 1944, the U.S. Army lost 5 soldiers in such tragic circumstances.

During February 1944, members of U.S. Army engineer battalions were preparing for the invasion of Normandy by training in Northern Ireland. Often, such exercises involved the use of live ammunition and ordnance. In the space of 4 days in Februaruy 1944, two separate incidents occurred with fatal results.

On 19th February 1944, Private Fought, Private Magnetta, and Technician 5th Grade Bradford died following a training exercise. The cause of death for all 3 men of 202nd Engineer Combat Battalion, U.S. Army was due to injuries sustained from land mines.

On 22nd February 1944, another 2 soldiers of 2nd Engineer Battalion, 2nd (Indianhead) Infantry Division were involved in a separate incident. Private Elkins and Private Roberson also died as a result of their injuries while training in Northern Ireland.

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