Canadians in wartime Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland and Canada have many historic links. Between 1939 and 1945 there were many Canadians in wartime Northern Ireland. These are their stories.

Royal Canadian Air Force


Frederick Dick Butland

Flying Officer • J/20423

Flying Officer Frederick Dick Butland of the Royal Canadian Air Force died when his Wellington Bomber HF838 came down near RAF Limavady in Co. Londonderry.

Louis Romeo Dubuc

Louis Romeo Dubuc

Flight Lieutenant • C/1520

Flight Lieutenant Louis Romeo Dubuc served in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and joined the Royal Canadian Air Force at the outbreak of World War Two.

Carlton Stokes Goodenough

Carlton Stokes Goodenough

Flight Sergeant • R/62738

Flight Sergeant Carlton Stokes Goodenough served in the Royal Canadian Air Force. He died on 16th March 1942 and is buried in Belfast City Cemetery.

Leslie Arthur Hebenton

Leslie Arthur Hebenton

Pilot Officer • R194838 J/88403

Pilot Officer Leslie Arthur Hebenton served in 422 Squadron Royal Canadian Air Force. He was killed in a Sunderland Flying Boat crash on 20th February 1944.

George Frederick King

Pilot Officer • J/15525

Pilot Officer George Frederick King died on board Consolidated Liberator AL577 on 16th March 1942 when the plane came down near Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland.

John Robert Lucas

Flight Sergeant • R78281

Flight Sergeant John Robert Lucas served in the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War Two. His squadron was attached to Royal Air Force 153 Squadron.

Francis Anthony McCluskey

Flight Sergeant

Flight Sergeant Francis Anthony McCluskey's fate was unknown for years but thanks to work by historians in the Netherlands, his story can be remembered.

Bernard Edwin Samuels

Bernard Edwin Samuels

Flight Sergeant • R/117592

Flight Sergeant Bernard Edwin Samuels served in Northern Ireland with the Royal Canadian Air Force as a wireless operator and air gunner with 12 Squadron.


Gordon Elgin Vance

Flying Officer • J/24133

Flying Officer Gordon Elgin Vance (J/24133) was a pilot with the Royal Canadian Air Force. He served with Royal Air Force 290 Squadron in Ballyhalbert.

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Royal Canadian Navy

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