RAF sink U-Boats off Ireland

On 25th November 1945, the RAF sink U-Boats off Ireland. The Co. Londonderry coast was the location for Coastal Command's scuttling of the German vessels.

Here are more scenes from what was called Operation Deadlight. They show the sinking of U-Boats by RAF Coastal Command off Northern Ireland.

With rockets and depth charges, Mosquitos, Liberators, Sunderlands, and Warwicks had quite a good time sending these relics of Hitler’s navy to the bottom. They evidently took some sinking even as sitting birds. All the more honour to the men who sunk so many throughout the war.

One was sunk by rockets in 4 and a half minutes, another was attacked with depth charges for 20 minutes before she went down. Anyway, whatever the method, it was certainly good riddance and it solved all arguments as to their disposal.




Royal Air Force

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