BBC – Could this elephant fit in your back yard?

Zoo debuted in cinemas on 29th June 2018. It is based on the story of an elephant who sought refuge in a Belfast back yard. Could an elephant fit in yours?

“The elephant goes like this and that. He’s terribly big and terribly fat. Come on Anna, let’s play with the elephant.”

A new film, Zoo, will tell the story of Sheila, an elephant kept in a Belfast back garden during World War Two. Our very own “elephant”, the same size as Sheila, went out and about to see whose garden it could fit into.

“All the kids used to love listening to the story of it. Everybody wanted an elephant. Got one now!”

“He could bounce on the trampoline and crush the slide.”

“It’s a typical family sized house for this part of Belfast, I suppose. You certainly wouldn’t get much of an elephant into it. It wouldn’t be able to turn I wouldn’t think.”

“The lady who was a zookeeper up there, she looked after it. During the Blitz, planes flying over, she used to walk it down the Whitewell Road to her house and kept it there until the Blitz went over and walked it back up the road.”

“My dog is small and tiny and the elephant is big.”

“What do you think you would need to do to look after this elephant if it was your pet?”

“Feed it and walk it. It’s falling!”

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