British Pathé: U.S. military units disembark in Northern Ireland (1942)

Throughout 1942, greater numbers of American troops arrived in Ulster. Among the second contingent were women in uniform, and more fighting men eager to win.

'U.S. military units disembark in Northern Ireland'


And the ships are coming across the sea. Northern Ireland has just received the largest contingent of American troops yet sent in this war, and Roosevelt has said that many more will be coming.

The latest arrivals included women’s units, and also some oranges. Incredible.

So, the young men from Manhattan and the Middle West start coming ashore in the old world, and they bring their own rations in case they offer them cups of tea at 4 o’clock.

America has always been clearly on the side of Britain since war began. Cash and carry supplies followed by lease-lend have been an enormous help in our darkest days. Now, she’s in the shooting war and she means business. The sense of urgency is apparent in all the American war plans. They’ve got the urge to finish the war as quickly as possible, and there’s no better idea they could have. This really looks like the business.

New steel helmets.

With attack in all our hearts and minds, it’s a grand fight, this long column on the march. Let’s have the same slogan; finish Hitler in 1942.

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