British Pathé – This Country Is At War (1939)

British Pathé footage announces that this country is at war. A broadcaster talks of Britain's conviction that the evil of Nazi Germany will be overcome.

“This country is at war…” Mr. Chamberlain 3/9/39

And here at home, our manpower is complete for attack and for defence.

Everything we do is inspired by a great conviction that a great evil must be removed from the world. That evil is a spirit of faithlessness, of intolerance, of bullying, and of senseless criminal ambitions embodied in Hitler and all those who surround him.

That conviction is stronger even than the horror of the knowledge that civilised man must tackle the same task twice in twenty-five years. That task will be done again, cost us what it may, and this time it will be accomplished in such a way that our children will not have to do it over again.

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