61st Divisional Engineers

During the Second World War, 61st Divisional Engineers trained in Northern Ireland carrying out trial river crossings and digging roads through mountainsides.

61st Divisional Engineers

61st Infantry Division

Crossing the Aghadowey River

On 14th June 1941, elements of the army's 61st Divisional Engineers displayed a number of methods of crossing the Aghadowey River at Agivey, Co. Londonderry.

A break in the Sperrins

On 20th November 1942, Sappers from the Royal Engineers in Northern Ireland with 61st Infantry Division took a break from cutting a new road in the Sperrins.

Sappers at Work

On 21st November 1942, sappers of 61st Divisional Engineers carried out work on a new road, which meandered through the hilly countryside in Co. Londonderry.

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