William Martin Pollock

William Martin Pollock was a Firewatcher at ARP Post 622 in Belfast Docks, Co. Antrim when the Luftwaffe first attacked Belfast city on 7th-8th April 1941.

Firewatcher William Martin Pollock was at ARP Post 622 near Belfast Docks, Co. Antrim on the night of 7th-8th April 1941. He was the husband of Mary Pollock of 22 Collyer Street, Belfast, Co. Antrim.

On the night of 7th-8th April 1941, the Luftwaffe attacked the city in what would become known as The Docks Raid of the Belfast Blitz.

William Martin Pollock died at Belfast Docks, Belfast, Co. Antrim on 8th April 1941 aged 32 years old. He was the son of Martha Pollock of 579 Port Richmond Avenue, Staten Island, New York and the late Thomas Pollock. William’s grave is in Glenalina Extension, Section S1, Grave 317 of Belfast City Cemetery, Belfast, Co. Antrim. His funeral took place on 11th April 1941.