William Humphrey Johnston

William Humphrey Johnston was born in Belfast, Co. Antrim in 1925. His time in the Royal Navy included a stint on the degaussing ship HMS Springdale.

William Humphrey Johnston

William Humphrey Johnston served on board HMS Springdale during World War Two. Born in Belfast, Co. Antrim, wartime adventures would take him to Asia.

William Humphrey Johnston served with the Royal Navy during World War Two. Born on 29th November 1925, he was the son of George Johnston and Mary Johnston (née Leaden) of Belfast Co. Antrim. His father, George died when William was 5 or 6 years old.

William had three elder siblings in Belfast; Margaret born in 1912, Matthew born in 1914, and George born in 1922. George died at sea during World War Two, his death happening off Cromer, Norfolk on 15th March 1942. He also had two younger brothers; Stanley born in 1929, and Joseph born in 1931.

HMS Springdale

Imperial War Museum Photo: FL 19276 (Part of the Ministry Of Defence Foxhill Collection). Degaussing or deperming ship HMS Springdale at buoy in 1941. The Springdale would later ship out to Singapore. Photo taken by Royal Naval Official Photographer.

During the war, he served on board HMS Springdale. This ship was a degaussing or deperming ship that helped to change the magnetic polarity of ships. This made the vessels less susceptible to magnetic mines. After trials in the River Thames, London, England, the HMS Springdale set sail for Singapore arriving in November 1941.

William Humphrey Johnston died on 26th December 1984 aged 59 years old.

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