William Gill Moore

Guardsman William Gill Moore of Belfast served in the Irish Guards at his time of death in the Netherlands on 17th September 1944.


William Gill Moore


While serving with 2nd Battalion Irish Guards, Guardsman William Gill Moore died as his tank came under attack in the opening stages of Operation Market Garden.

Guardsman William Gill Moore (7020985) served in 2nd Battalion Irish Guards during the Second World War. Known as Bill, he was the son of Mr. E.S. Moore and Mrs. Moore of 45 Sandymount Street, Belfast.

Bill’s father served with 10th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles in The Great War. He suffered severe injuries and received the Military Medal for his contribution. Bill had married a woman from Yorkshire, England and in 1944 she served with the Auxiliary Territorial Service.

Guardsman Moore died on 17th September 1944 during 2nd Battalion’s push on to Valkenswaard, Netherlands as part of Operation Market Garden. His M4A4 Sherman Mark V came under fire on the main road, which became known as “Hell’s Highway”.

William Gill Moore's Tank at Valkenswaard

Guardsman William Gill Moore died during the ambush of this tank. The Sherman commanded by Lance Sergeant Dave Roper was struck by a panzerfaust on 17th September 1944 during Operation Market Garden. Copyright "De bevrijding in Beeld" / "Vantilt fragma".

The Commander of the Sherman tank was Lance Sergeant Dave Roper of No. 1 Troop. Moore was the Wireless Operator on board. The remaining crew members were Gunner A. Saunders, Driver O’Riley, and Co-Driver G. Dowd. O’Riley and Dowd escaped unhurt, Roper and Saunders sustained injuries in the attack. As news broke of Bill’s death, his wife was on leave in Belfast.

William Gill Moore’s grave is in Section II, Row B, Grave 9 of Valkenswaard War Cemetery, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands. His name is on the War Memorial of Fitzroy Presbyterian Church, Belfast.