Wilhelm Dalbeck

Oberkanonier Wilhelm Dalbeck served in the German Army and was a Prisoner of War in Palace Barracks, Holywood, Co. Down when he died on 23rd July 1945.


Wilhelm Dalbeck


Oberkanonier or Private First Class Wilhelm Dalbeck served in the German Army and was a prisoner of war in Camp 172, Jackson Road, Holywood, Co. Down in 1945.

Oberkanonier Wilhelm Dalbeck served in the Wehrmacht during the Second World War. An Oberkanonier was a rank similar to Private First Class in the Allied forces. He was born in Velbert, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany on 11th May 1911.

Like many other German soldiers, he became a Prisoner of War towards the end of the conflict. He came to Northern Ireland with the prisoner number A438606 and ended up in Camp 172, Palace Barracks, Jackson Road, Holywood, Co. Down.

Wilhelm Dalbeck died at the prisoner of war camp in Co. Down on 23rd July 1945 aged 33 years old. A funeral took place to Glenalina Extension, Section ES, Grave 184 of Belfast City Cemetery, Belfast on 25th July 1945. All German military graves moved from the cemetery. Dalbeck’s repatriation to Block 4, Row 2, Grave 10 of Cannock Chase German Military Cemetery, Penkridge Bank, Staffordshire, England took place on 16th July 1962.