Thomas Killops

Able Seaman Thomas Killops served in the Royal Navy during World War Two. He served on the land base HMS President III and went down on the SS Roxby.

Able Seaman

Thomas Killops

D/JX 204718

The name of Thomas Killops appears on the Killyleagh War Memorial. The Co. Down man died on board the SS Roxby on 7th November 1942.

Able Seaman Thomas Killops (D/JX 204718) served in the Royal Navy during World War Two. Born on 24th May 1913, he was the son of Robert Killops and Anna Killops, and husband of Rebecca Killops of Killyleagh, Co. Down.

Thomas served at HMS President III. This was a shore base established on 28th August 1939 in Bristol to train men for Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships.

He died on board SS Roxby on 7th November 1942 aged 29 years old. U-613 torpedoed and sunk the British steamship.

Three other men from HMS President III were on board the Roxby when it sank.

  • Able Seaman Bertram G Dew (P/JX 336996)
  • Able Seaman James Harrison (C/JX 313457)
  • Able Seaman Robert Ryan (D/JX 198434)

Thomas Killops’ name is on Panel 64, Column 1 of the Plymouth Naval Memorial, Plymouth, Devon, United Kingdom. His name is also on the Killyleagh War Memorial, Killyleagh, Co. Down.