Thomas Keane

Coproral Thomas Keane served with the Pioneer Corps at No. 24 British General Hospital, Belfast, Co. Down at his time of death in the Blitz of 5th May 1941.


Thomas Keane


Corporal Thomas Keane is one of 3 men from the Pioneer Corps buried in Milltown Cemetery in the days following the Belfast Blitz of May 1941.

Corporal Thomas Keane (13058605) served in the Pioneer Corps during World War Two. His burial took place alongside colleagues James Simon Moore and James Osben.

He died on 5th May 1941 aged 26 years old when Campbell College, Belfast, Co. Down came under Luftwaffe attack during The Fire Raid of the Belfast Blitz.

On the night of 4th-5th May 1941, a total of 19 people died when bombs hit No. 24 British General Hospital based at the East Belfast grammar school.

Thomas Keane’s grave is a Special Memorial at Section A, Row LG of Milltown Cemetery, Belfast, Co. Antrim.