Thomas John Leen

Rifleman Thomas John Leen died on 24th January 1941 aged 19 years old. Although born in Liverpool, England, his place of death was Belfast, Co. Antrim.


Thomas John Leen


Rifleman Thomas John Leen was born in Liverpool, England. He lived in Belfast, Co. Antrim at the time of his death and served with 70th (Young Soldiers) Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles.

Rifleman Thomas John Leen (7020081) served in 70th Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles during World War Two. He was born in Liverpool, England but later lived in Belfast, Co. Antrim.

Rifleman Leen died in a military hospital in Belfast, Co. Antrim on 24th January 1941 aged 19 years old. He served in 70th Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles; a battalion of young soldiers formed at Holywood, Co. Down on 12th September 1940.

The Royal Ulster Rifles drew these young soldiers from 6th and 7th Battalion. Most were 18 or 19 years old and too young for overseas combat. 70th Battalion took on roles such as guarding airfields in Northern Ireland before moving to Great Britain in October 1941.

Thomas John Leen’s grave is in Section A, Row LG, Grave 36 of Milltown Cemetery, Belfast, Co. Antrim.

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