Shief Ahmed

Merchant Navy Fireman and Trimmer Shief Ahmed died on board SS Troutpool when it went down in the entrance to Bangor Harbour, Co. Down on 20th July 1940.

Fireman and Trimmer

Shief Ahmed

Shief Ahmed lived with his wife Margaretta Ahmed in Glasgow, Lanarkshire and was homeward bound as a Fireman and Trimmer on board the Merchant Navy SS Troutpool when disaster struck.

Fireman and Trimmer Shief Ahmed served in the Merchant Navy during the Second World War. He was the husband of Margaretta Ahmed of Glasgow, Lanarkshire.

He died on 20th July 1940 aged 40 years old. At the time, he was part of the crew of SS Troutpool. The cargo-laden steamship activated 2 acoustically detonated mines in Belfast Lough. The Captain had docked in Bangor, Co. Down for degaussing en route from Rosario, Argentina to Glasgow, Scotland.

Shief Ahmed’s grave is in Section 5X, Grave 23B of Bangor Cemetery, Bangor, Co. Down. His headstone bears the inscription:

A token of love and remembrance of one we will never forget.