Samuel Fitzwilliams

Samuel Fitzwilliams of Gilford, Co. Down served in the Royal Air Force before contracting tuberculosis and returning home where he died on 20th October 1940.


Samuel Fitzwilliams

Samuel Fitzwilliams was well-known in the Gilford and Tullylish areas of Co. Down. He had served in the Royal Air Force for 4 years before being medically discharged in 1940.

Airman Samuel Fitzwilliams served in the Royal Air Force during World War Two. He was the son of John Fitzwilliams of Stramore Road, Gilford, Co. Down.

Samuel had served in the Royal Air Force since around 1936. He returned to his home in Gilford, Co. Down in August 1940 due to illness and remained confined to bed. The Royal Air Force discharged him after he contracted tuberculosis. He died at home on 20th October 1940.

World War Two Memorial in Gilford

WartimeNI Photo: The names, regiments and townlands of the men of Gilford and other nearby villages who gave their lives during World War Two. Photo taken on 10th September 2016. Copyright Scott Edgar - WartimeNI.

Samuel Fitzwilliams’ grave is in All Saints’ Parish Church, Tullylish, Co. Down. His name is on the Gilford War Memorial, Gilford, Co. Down, and on the Second World War Memorial in All Saints’ Church of Ireland, Tullylish, Co. Down.

A funeral service took place on 22nd October 1940. A large number of the public and a military representation under Corporal Channing attended. Very Reverend Dean Myles conducted a short service in the family home and at the graveside.