Robert Reginald Gunn

Robert Reginald Gunn was a 46 year old Deck Hand on FV Wellvale with the Fishing Fleet when it went down off Mull in the Irish Sea on 16th September 1939.

Deck Hand

Robert Reginald Gunn

Robert Reginald Gunn, born in Co. Armagh lived with his wife Margaret D Gunn in Belfast, Co. Antrim at the outbreak of World War Two. He served in the Fishing Fleet when the Wellvale went down.

Deck Hand Robert Reginald Gunn served in the Merchant Navy during World War Two. Born in Co. Armagh, he was the husband of Margaret D Gunn of 15 Finlay Street, Ligoniel, Belfast, Co. Antrim.

Robert died on 16th September 1939 aged 46 years old. He was on board Fishing Vessel Wellvale (Fleetwood), part of the Fishing Fleet. The steam trawler went down off Mull. Unconfirmed reports suggest U-30 sank the vessel although the exact cause remains unknown.

Robert Reginald Gunn has no known grave. His name is on Panel 129 of the Tower Hill Memorial, London. The Gunn family did not receive confirmation that Robert was missing until over a year later. His name was one of 354 members of the Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleet on Casualty List No. 3 issued by the Minister of Shipping on 19th November 1940.