Patrick Fogarty

Having seen action in The Great War with the Royal Irish Rifles, Patrick Fogarty from Sailortown in North Belfast joined the Merchant Navy in World War Two.


Patrick Fogarty

Greaser Patrick Fogarty served on board HMS Attacker with the Merchant Navy during World War Two. He had already served during the First World War with the Royal Irish Rifles.

Greaser Patrick Fogarty served in the Merchant Navy during World War Two. He had also served with 2nd Battalion and 6th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles during World War One.

Born on 23rd September 1896, he was the son of James Fogarty and Margaret Fogarty (née Dolmer) of 8 Alexander Street, Belfast, Co. Antrim. He had four younger sisters; Margaret Fogarty born in 1900, Catherine Fogarty born in 1902, Mary Ann Fogarty born in 1904, and Isabella Jane Fogarty born in 1909. He also had three brothers; John Thomas Fogarty born in 1891, Robert James Fogarty born in 1894, and Alexander born in 1907.

Patrick’s elder brother John Thomas was also a seafarer and died in 1910 lost at sea in Samarang, Korea.

By 1901, the Fogarty family had moved a short distance to 4 Moffat Street, Belfast, Co. Antrim, another terraced street in the city’s Sailortown. As the family grew, the Fogarty’s then moved to 33 Henry Street, Belfast, Co. Antrim, never straying far from their roots by the docks.

Patrick Fogarty at War

In 1915, Patrick enlisted in the British Army and served in France with 2nd Battalion and 6th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles. With regimental number 2/11299, he earned the 1914-1915 Star on 14th February 1915. He was discharged on 24th September 1924 and returned to Belfast, living at 112 Henry Street. He also received the Victory Medal and the British War Medal for his contribution.

After the First World War, he married Catherine Fogarty of Belfast, Co. Antrim. The couple had a daughter named Margaret on 14th April 1925.

He served on board HMS Attacker during World War Two, listed as a crew member in February 1944. HMS Attacker was first a convoy escort during the Battle of the Atlantic. Converted to an assault carrier ship in October 1943, it went on to serve in the Mediterranean and Pacific. HMS Attacker received Royal Navy honours for the role it played in World War Two including:

  • Battle of the Atlantic (1943-1944)
  • Salerno Landings (1943)
  • South France Campaign (1944)
  • Aegean Campaign (1944)

Patrick Fogarty died on 7th September 1947 at 27 Amcomri Street, off the Falls Road, Belfast, Co. Antrim. His grave is in Section B, Row Z, Grave 206 of Milltown Cemetery, Belfast, Co. Antrim. His headstone bears the inscription:

On his soul, sweet Jesus, have mercy.

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