Norman Nicholas England

Sergeant | 1130657

Sergeant Norman Nicholas England of Portadown, Co. Armagh died on 22nd June 1943 on a night-time bombing raid over Krefeld, Germany with RAF 44 Squadron.

Patrick McCullagh

Private | 4034223

Private Patrick McCullagh of Co. Tyrone died on 16th June 1940 following 6th Battalion Durham Light Infantry's time in the British Expeditionary Force.

James Leo McKay

Private | 4467178

Private James Leo McKay of Drumquin, Co. Tyrone died on 16th June 1944 while serving in the Kohima area of India with 2nd Battalion Durham Light Infantry.

Gerald Joseph Burns

Sergeant | 1796555

Sergeant Gerald Joseph Burns of Belfast died on 9th June 1944 on a bombing raid over Étamps, Normandy, France in support of the Allied Operation Overlord.

Patrick James Mullins

Rifleman | 7019652

Rifleman Patrick James Mullins of Lisburn, Co. Antrim died on 8th June 1944, only 2 days after landing in Normandy with 1st Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles.

Richard McMillen

Rifleman | 7011809

Richard McMillen of East Belfast died in action between 25th May 1940 and 4th June 1940 while serving in Belgium with 2nd Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles.

Carmine S. D’Aniello

Staff Sergeant

Staff Sergeant Carmine S. D'Aniello posthumously received several top military awards from the US Army in 2020. He served in Northern Ireland in 1943-1944.

Cecil Howard Butler

Fusilier | 6975545

Fusilier Cecil Howard Butler of Brookeborough, Co. Fermanagh died on 27th May 1940 during the British Expeditionary Force's fighting retreat to Dunkirk.

William Reginald Jones Casson

Able Seaman | D/JX 141483

Able Seaman William Reginald Jones Casson of Newry, Co. Down died on 22nd May 1941 when the Luftwaffe bombed HMS Gloucester during the Battle of Crete.