William Francis Ernest Gault

Sergeant | 950326

Sergeant William Ernest Gault from Bangor, Co. Down died on 4th April 1941 when his Hawker Hurricane came down on a hillside near Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim.

Thomas Charles Stevens

Sergeant | 9452

Royal Australian Air Force Sergeant Thomas Charles Stevens from Ballarat, Victoria died on 29th March 1943 when Beaufort AW277 crashed in Northern Ireland.

Allan Lamont

Able Seaman | D/SSX 17853

Allan Lamont never met his father who was killed by a sniper during World War One. Lamont would see action himself in the Royal Navy during World War Two.

John McFarland

Rifleman | 25089

Rifleman John McFarland was enlisted in the 30th Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles when he died at Campbell College Military Hospital on 25th March 1942.

Barry John Stubbings

Private | 5392025

Private Barry John Stubbings was only 16 years old when he died on 14th March 1942. The young English soldier's grave is in Bangor New Cemetery, Co. Down.

Eric George Hudson

Private | 5112598

Private Eric George Hudson served in 1st Battalion Somerset Light Infantry at his time of death in Burma on 29th February 1944. His wife lived in Co. Down.

Robert Thomas Garth Loughrin

Sergeant | 1796421

Sergeant Robert Thomas Garth Loughrin died on 29th February 1944 on active service with a Canadian crew in Royal Air Force No. 1666 Heavy Conversion Unit.

Robert Millar Keenan


Private Robert Millar Keenan from Belfast, Co. Antrim served from Dunkirk, France through North Africa and Italy with the British Army during World War Two.

John McAdam

Sergeant | 748076

Sergeant John McAdam served with the Royal Air Force in 41 Squadron at the height of the Battle of Britain and had many aerial battles with the Luftwaffe.