Madge Guiney

Madge Guiney was the daughter of a couple of Dromore, Co. Down. She died as a result of the Luftwaffe bombing of Glasgow and Clydebank on 15th March 1941.


Madge Guiney

Civilian Madge Guiney died alongside at least 3 other members of her extended family with roots in Northern Ireland when the Luftwaffe bombed Clydebank in 1941.

Civilian Madge Guiney died on 15th March 1941 aged 16 years old. She was the daughter of Jack Guiney and Sarah Guiney (née McKee) of Dromore, Co. Down.

Glasgow suffered a pair of devastating Luftwaffe attacks during the Clydebank Blitz on the evenings of 13th and 14th March 1941. Her mother Sarah Guiney died in the same incident. Aunts Mary Stevenson and Maria Wright died as a result of the Luftwaffe bombing.

Madge Guiney, Sarah Guiney, Mary Stevenson, and Maria Wright lived at 6 Second Avenue, Glasgow. They died at 78 Clarence Street, Clydebank, Glasgow. Madge’s name is on the Civilian War Dead Roll of Honour at St. George’s Chapel, Westminster Abbey, London.