Joseph McDowell

Stoker 1st Class Joseph McDowell served on several vessels throughout World War Two after enlisting in October 1943 and training in England at HMS Duke.

Stoker 1st Class

Joseph McDowell

Joseph McDowell from Belfast, Co. Antrim was a Stoker 1st Class with the Royal Navy. He saw action on board HMS Kingfisher, an anti-submarine ship, during the war.

Stoker 1st Class Joseph McDowell served in the Royal Navy during World War Two. He was born on 11th April 1925 in Belfast Co. Antrim and volunteered on 16th December 1943 at the age of 18 years old.

He trained at HMS Duke at Malvern, Worcestershire from 19th November 1943 to 21st December 1943.

He served on HMS Southampton from 22nd December 1943 to 2nd February 1944. From 2nd February 1944 to 9th March 1944 he was at one of the HMS Pembroke shore bases.

He then sailed on board HMS Kingfisher from 13th March 1944 to 31st January 1946. After the war, he rejoined HMS Pembroke from 1st February 1946 to 26th December 1947.

Joseph McDowell died on 23rd July 1970. His grave is in Roselawn Cemetery, Belfast, Co. Antrim.


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