John Jansen

Born in Norway, seaman John Jansen was with Convoy HX 159 on board M/S Helgøy in Belfast Lough, Belfast, Co. Antrim when he died on 13th December 1941.


John Jansen

Sailor John Jansen died while based in Belfast. His vessel M/S Helgøy docked in Belfast Lough on 8th November 1941 after experiencing an engine room explosion while crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

Sailor John Jansen served in the Norwegian Merchant Navy during World War Two. He was born on 9th January 1912.

He served on board M/S Helgøy. The Norwegian ship was part of Convoy HX 159, which departed Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on 8th November 1941. M/S Helgøy received a tow into Belfast Lough having experienced an engine room explosion on the way.

The ship arrived in Belfast Lough, Belfast, Co. Antrim on 27th November 1941. While docked there, John died on 13th December 1941 aged 29 years old.

John Jansen’s grave is in Glenalina Extension, Section T1, Grave 312 of Belfast City Cemetery, Belfast, Co. Antrim.