Jeannie Elizabeth Armstrong

Wren Jeannie Elizabeth Armstrong died on 21st August 1943 at home in Belfast. She served in her hometown at the Naval base H.M.S. Caroline.


Jeannie Elizabeth Armstrong


Wren Jeannie Elizabeth Armstrong served on board the Royal Navy vessel H.M.S. Caroline during then Second World War, based in her hometown of Belfast.

Wren Jeannie Elizabeth Armstrong (41491) served in the Women's Royal Naval Service during the Second World War. She was the daughter of Hamilton Armstrong and Elizabeth Armstrong of 16 Soudan Street, Belfast.

She died of pulmonary tuberculosis at her home on 21st August 1943 aged 22 years old. At the time of her death, she served at the Naval base H.M.S. Caroline in Belfast.

Jeannie Elizabeth Armstrong

WartimeNI Photo: Grave of Jeannie Elizabeth Armstrong of Belfast who served on HMS Caroline. Photo taken on tour of Belfast City Cemetery with Peter McCabe in Spring 2017. Copyright Scott Edgar - WartimeNI.

Jeannie Elizabeth Armstrong’s grave is in Glenalina Extension, Section P1, Grave 81 of Belfast City Cemetery, Belfast. Her headstone bears the inscription:

To live in the hearts of those she loved is not to die.