James Cabrey

Gunner James Cabrey of Belfast died in a Military Hospital on 28th July 1940 while undergoing treatment for wounds received in the retreat from Dunkirk.


James Cabrey


Gunner James Cabrey received injuries during 3rd Searchlight Regiment's retreat from Dunkirk. He later died after treatment in the United Kingdom.

Gunner James Cabrey (1489733) served in 10th Battery, 3rd Searchlight Regiment, Royal Artillery during the Second World War. He was the son of Samuel Cabrey and Ellen Cabrey of 126 Donegall Road, Belfast.

He died at a Military Hospital in Lancashire on 28th July 1940 aged 22 years old. Cause of death was wounds received in fighting during the retreat to Dunkirk.

James Cabrey’s grave is in Glenalina Extension, Section U1, Grave 310 of Belfast City Cemetery, Belfast. A funeral service took place on 2nd August 1940 from his parents’ home. His headstone bears the inscription:

He died that we may live.