Isaac Kennedy

Flight Sergeant Isaac Kennedy hailed from Ahoghill near Ballymena in Co. Antrim but he served with the Royal New Zealand Air Force at his time of death in November 1942.

Flight Sergeant

Isaac Kennedy


Flight Sergeant Isaac Kennedy (403012) served in the Royal New Zealand Air Force during World War Two.

He was the son of Robert Kennedy and Margaret Anne Kennedy of Ahoghill, Co. Antrim. He died while serving in Bomber Command aged 23 years old. Kennedy was the wireless operator/air gunner on board Vickers Wellington BJ711 QT-Z of RAF 142 Squadron, part of Bomber Command.

On 9th November 1942, Wellington BJ711 took off from RAF Grimsby, near the village of Waltham, Lincolnshire. The target for the bombers of RAF 142 Squadron was Hamburg. Anti-aircraft gunfire likely brought the plane down on 10th November 1944. Night fighters only claimed one twin-engine bomber over Holland.

Remembering Isaac Kennedy

On 9th December 1942, one month after the attack, The Evening Post issue 139 reported a reclassification in Kennedy’s status. First reported as missing, he was now missing believed killed. The Auckland Star issue 292 carried the same notice the following day. So too did Issue 25095 of Air Force List and Issue 23817 of CZEF Casualty List on 10th December 1942.

Several months later, on 16th August 1943, issue 24027 of Air Casualties declared Kennedy’s death presumed. The Evening Post of the same date carried the notice. It is worth noting that all lists and local press still referred to the Flight Sergeant as hailing from Northern Ireland.

Isaac Kennedy’s grave is in the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Section 8A, Row C, Plot 1-15 of Hamburg Cemetery. The plot is the resting place of men from the RAF crew of Lancaster W4247 brought down on the same night. The Ohlsdorf Cemetery in Hamburg, Germany is one of the largest cemeteries in the world.

His name is on the town War Memorial in Ballymena, Co. Antrim.