Henryk Andrzej Flegier

Sergeant Henryk Andrzej Flegier served in the Polish Air Force with R.A.F. 315 Squadron flying training exercises from Ballyhalbert, Co. Down.


Henryk Andrzej Flegier


Polish Pilot Sergeant Henryk Andrzej Flegier (P/780038) crashed 2 Spitfires on training exercises at Ballyhalbert airfield in Co. Down. The second of these incidents would prove fatal.

Sergeant Henryk Andrzej Flegier was born on 21st December 1912 in Okuniew, Minsk County, Poland. He died aged 30 years old while piloting a Spitfire on a training exercise at R.A.F. Ballyhalbert, Co. Down.

Flegier began his military service with the Polish Air Force in 1933 as a Ground Mechanic with P.A.F. 217 Bomber Squadron. On reaching the United Kingdom, he trained at No. 16 Polish Elementary Pilot School. He then trained with R.A.F. No. 58 Operational Training Unit before joining R.A.F. 315 (City of Deblin) Squadron.

Many Polish Aircrew served in the Royal Air Force and R.A.F. 315 (City of Deblin) Squadron flew training exercises from Ballyhalbert, Co. Down during 1943. Flegier was an experienced pilot although while based at Ballyhalbert, Co. Down he would crash two Supermarine Spitfires.

On 9th September 1943, Supermarine Spitfire W3937 PK-N crashed landed at R.A.F. Ballyhalbert, Co. Down. The plane overshot the runway on a high-speed landing attempt. Authorities wrote off the Spitfire and Flegier recovered.

Polish Wings Exhibition

WartimeNI Photo: Remembering Polish Pilots such as Henryk Andrzej Flegier. Photo taken at the launch of 'Polish Wings' at the Ulster Aviation Society, Long Kesh, Co. Down on 5th October 2019. Copyright Scott Edgar - WartimeNI.

On 5th October 1943, Sergeant Flegier crashed Supermarine Spitfire BL922 PK-I while on a daytime training exercise. The Mark V fighter plane came down around half a mile north-west of the Ballyhalbert airfield after losing power on a low-altitude flight performing practice interceptions.

Royal Air Force authorities declared Sergent Henryk Andrzej Flegier killed on active service. His grave is in the R.C. Plot, Section 18, Grave 24 of Movilla Cemetery, Newtownards, Co. Down. The death of Sergeant Flegier was the last fatality R.A.F. 315 Squadron experienced during their time in Northern Ireland.