Frederick Strutt

Engineer Frederick Strutt had ventured north from Dublin to work on the busy airfield at Ballyhalbert, Co. Down. In 1942, a fatal accident took place.


Frederick Strutt

Frederick Strutt was a civilian from Dublin employed as an engineer at RAF Ballyhalbert. On 4th November 1942, he was involved in a fatal accident while working near one of the runways.

Frederick Strutt was a civilian employed as an engineer at one of the Royal Air Force's newly constructed bases in Northern Ireland.

Born in 1911, he was the son of the late Frederick Strutt and Charlotte Strutt of 14 Clonliffe Gardens, Clonliffe Road, Dublin. He was married to Catherine Strutt of 21 Fleming Road, Drumcondra, Dublin.

On 4th November 1942, he was working on runway lighting at the Ballyhalbert Airfield, Ballyhalbert, Co. Down when an accident occurred. A Bristol Beaufort plane piloted by an Australian Royal Air Force pilot Sergeant GB Swift (406552) of RAF 153 Squadron overshot the runway.

A week after the incident, Sergeant GB Swift and Sergeant DJ Blanchard who was also on board the Beaufort both transferred to RAF 29 Squadron.

A Royal Air Force inquest followed the aviation accident. The Newtownards Chronicle newspaper carried the story on 14th November 1942.

Dublin-born engineer Frederick Strutt died of injuries sustained in the crash aged 31 years old. His grave is in Deansgrange Cemetery, Drumcondra, Dublin.

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