Falkner Cotton Young

Sergeant Falkner Cotton Young from Queensland, Australia died in Northern Ireland on 1st February 1942 while training with RAF 220 Squadron at Nutts Corner.


Falkner Cotton Young


Sergeant Falkner Cotton Young served in the Royal Australian Air Force. In 1942, he was training in Northern Ireland with RAF 220 Squadron.

Sergeant Falkner Cotton Young (404354) served in the Royal Australian Air Force during World War Two. He was the son of William Vivian Young and Grace May Young of Condamine, Queensland, Australia.

Sergeant Young died on 1st February 1942 aged 24 years old. He was the pilot of Lockheed Hudson AM615, which took off from RAF Nutts Corner, Co. Antrim. The RAF 220 Squadron training flight was a low-level attack on troops simulation. The plane came down at 1120hrs in low cloud and rain. All those on board died in the crash.

The accident was due to over keenness and to take full advantage of the opportunity to fly low.

Commanding Officer RAF Nutts Corner.

I concur in the CO’s remarks. I am satisfied the crew were adequately briefed for the exercise and the accident was the result of over keenness rather than lack of flying discipline. The deceased pilot was the only individual who could be considered to blame for the accident.

AVM Group Commander.

Falkner Cotton Young’s grave is in St. Catherine Church of Ireland, Killead, Co. Antrim. His headstone bears the inscription:

His life was a glorious memory.