Edwin George Atkin

Bombardier Edwin George Atkin of Dagenham, Essex died at York Dock, Belfast, Co. Antrim on 9th December 1941 after falling into the water in the blackout.


Edwin George Atkin


Bombardier Edwin George Atkin died on 9th December 1941 aged 27 years old while serving with 5th Battery, 3rd Maritime Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery.

Bombardier Edwin George Atkin (5342342) served in 5th Battery, 3rd Martitime Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery during World War Two. Born on 7th March 1914, he was the son of William Atkin and Ellen Atkin of Dagenham, Essex. His baptism was in 25th March 1914 in Christ Church, Southwark, London.

Before the outbreak of war in 1939, Edwin and his wife Hannah Atkin lived at 22 Dunkeld Road, Ilford, Essex. He was a builder’s labourer.

Bombardier Edwin George Atkin died on 9th December 1941 aged 27 years old. On 12th December 1941, the Belfast Coroner returned a verdict of “accidental death” at Belfast City Hall, Belfast, Co. Antrim. The soldier had stumbled in the blackout at York Dock, Belfast, Co. Antrim. While going to a docked ship, Atkin and another Bombardier fell into the dock. The second soldier reached the quay steps as a nearby ship shone a light onto the water. A recovery team found Atkin’s body around 30 minutes later.

Edwin George Atkin’s grave is in Glenalina Extension, Section AS, Grave 113 of Belfast City Cemetery, Belfast, Co. Antrim. His headstone bears the inscription:

In loving memory of a fine son. Mum and Dad.