Dale Lasselle

Captain Dale Lasselle of Portland, Oregon died on 3rd October 1942 when USAAF B17 bomber 41-24451 came down on Slieveanorra Mountain, Co. Antrim.


Dale Lasselle


Captain Dale Lasselle of Portland, Oregon served in the United States Army Air Force. He was a Pilot in 401 Bomb Squadron, 91st Bomb Group and died in 1942.

Captain Dale Lasselle served in 91st Bomb Group, 401st Bomb Squadron, United States Army Air Force during World War Two. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. SA Lasselle of 4757 North East Wasco Street, Portland, Oregon.

Before the outbreak of the Second World War, Dale attended Grant High School, Portland, Oregon. He was a successful athlete and football star, playing half-back for the University of Oregon Ducks between 1936 and 1939.

Called up at Randolph Field, Texas, he trained there and Kelly Field, Texas. After his commission, he received a posting to McDill Field, Tampa, Florida. While based there, he met and married Jane Lea.

Dale Lasselle on the Basketball Court

Oregon Digital Archives Photo: UA_REF_3. Black and white photo of University of Oregon basketball player Laddie Gale dribbling the ball while being defended by Dale Lasselle, a tailback with the football team, at a practice during the 1938-39 season. Copyright University of Oregon.

Captain Lasselle died on 3rd October 1942. He was a Pilot on a USAAF B17 Flying Fortress that crashed on Slieveanorra Mountain, Co. Antrim. His parents in the United States of America received a short notification of his death that contained no details of the incident.

The airman had 4 brothers who also served during World War Two. Major Percy A Lasselle, of Los Angeles, served in the Chemical Warfare Division of the US Army. Captain Herbert W Lasselle, of Portland, Oregon, was in the Transport Division. Elton Lasselle and Courtney D Lasselle both of Portland, Oregon, also served.

Dale Lasselle’s grave was first located in Belfast City Cemetery, Co. Antrim. All casualties of this crash were later moved to Lisnabreeny American Cemetery, Belfast, Co. Down. In 1948, this cemetery in the Belfast hills closed. Lasselle’s body lies in Finley-Sunset Hills Memorial Park, Portland, Oregon. His name is on the Moyle Walkway Memorial on Slieveanorra and on a granite monument at the former Lisnabreeny Cemetery, Belfast, Co. Down.