Ann Margaret Devlin

Ann Margaret Devlin of Gortin, Co. Tyrone died on 25th September 1940 as a result of injuries sustained when the Nazi Luftwaffe attacked London, England.


Ann Margaret Devlin

Born in Gortin, Co. Tyrone, Ann Margaret Devlin lived in London, England when the city came under attack from the Luftwaffe in the Autumn of 1940.

Civilian Ann Margaret Devlin died on 25th September 1940 aged 29 years old. She was the daughter of the late Mr. P Devlin and Mrs. P Devlin of Gortin, Co. Tyrone.

Her place of death was West London Hospital, Hammersmith, London. There, she succumbed to injuries sustained the previous day at 18 Yeldham Road, London. The Luftwaffe continued to bomb the English capital city throughout September and October 1940.

Her name is on the Civilian War Dead Roll of Honour at St. George’s Chapel, Westminster Abbey, London.