Alexander Carlisle

Lance Corporal Alexander Carlisle served in 70th Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. He died alongside several other young soldiers when the Luftwaffe bombed Newtownards Airfield in April 1941.

Lance Corporal

Alexander Carlisle


Lance Corporal Alexander Carlisle (6984668) served in 70th Battalion, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers during World War Two.

He died on 16th April 1941 alongside twelve other soldiers from the 70th Battalion. The battalion of young soldiers served at the Newtownards Airfield. Too young and inexperienced for frontline duties, some were only 16 years old. All were on duty when the Luftwaffe attacked on Easter Tuesday 1941.

Luftwaffe attack on Newtownards

RAF 231 Squadron was at the Newtownards Airfield since 15th July 1940 guarded by the young men of the Fusiliers.

The airfield was in a blackout state from 2100hrs and at 2300hrs the sirens sounded. Luftwaffe bombers dropped incendiaries on Scrabo Hill and high explosive devices fell on Green Road and Comber Road.

One high explosive bomb fell on A Company’s Headquarters building. Ten men died outright and fifteen more suffered injuries. The wounded attended the nearby Newtownards Hospital.

Remembering Fusilier Carlisle

Killed alongside Alexander Carlisle were:

  • Fusilier William Bellamy
  • Fusilier Samuel Burke
  • Fusilier Andrew Copling
  • Fusilier Hugh Fulton
  • Fusilier Daniel Higgins
  • Fusilier Leslie Love
  • Fusilier George Graham
  • Fusilier Samuel McFarland
  • Fusilier Ernest McNeill
  • Fusilier William McMurray
  • Fusilier Alfred Penfold
  • Fusilier Matthew Wright

His name is on Panel 11, Column 2 of the Brookwood Memorial, Surrey, England. A memorial also stands next to the Newtownards War Memorial, Co. Down remembering the thirteen men who died in the air raid.

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