Adolf Mundheim

Adolf Mundheim, an engineer from Hanover, Germany fled Europe and arrived at Ballyrolly House, Millisle, Co. Down where he helped with building projects.

Jewish Refugee

Adolf Mundheim

Before the outbreak of World War Two, Adolf Mundheim worked as a civil engineer in Hanover, Germany. During his time in Northern Ireland, he helped a fledgling Jewish community build a new home.

Adolf Mundheim was a Jewish civil engineer who fled Hanover, Germany during Nazi occupation. He came to live on the Kinderfarm at Ballyrolly House, Millisle, Co. Down.

There, he oversaw building projects of structures, some of which remain at the site in Millisle, Co. Down. As well as completing a twin-gabled byre, Mundheim also organised fellow refugees to make their own concrete breeze blocks on the farm.