William Joseph “Bill” Eames

Flight Lieutenant | B.E.M.

Flight Lieutenant Bill Eames served in the R.A.F. during the Second World War and gave much of his time to the local community in later years.

Thomas Leckey

Flight Sergeant | 1023458

Flight Sergeant Thomas Leckey of Belfast died on 26th October 1943 while serving in the Royal Air Force's 160 Squadron in the former Ceylon.

Edward Morrison

Private | 6213567

Edward Morrison of Saintfield, Co. Down died between 1st-2nd October 1942 when a U.S. Submarine sank the P.O.W. transport S.S. Lisbon Maru.

David Morrow

Second Lieutenant | 190209

Second Lieutenant David Morrow of Bangor, Co. Down died on 30th September 1942 while serving with a British Indian Army rifle regiment.

Thomas John Wilson

Sergeant | 1498723

Sergeant Thomas John Wilson, known as Jack, died on 28th September 1943 while serving in the Royal Air Force's Bomber Command over Germany.

John Edwin Charles Averell Steele-Nicholson

Sergeant | 1591275

Sergeant John Edwin Charles Averell Steele-Nicholson of Moy, Co. Tyrone died on 14th September 1942 in an R.A.F. training accident in Scotland.

Patrick Joseph McCorry

Sergeant | 7887815

Sergeant Patrick Joseph McCorry of Rose's Lane Ends, Ballinderry, Co. Antrim served in the Royal Armoured Corps. He died on 14th September 1945.

Władysław Kołek

Flight Sergeant | P/783150

Flight Sergeant Władysław Kołek died on 11th September 1943 as a result of a series of R.A.F. 315 Squadron Spitfire crashes in Co. Antrim.

Arthur Wild

Corporal | 4979007

Corporal Arthur Wild of Derbyshire, England married Kathleen Kirkpatrick of Larne, Co. Antrim before his untimely death on 31st August 1943.