South Staffordshire Regiment

Alfred Lemm

Private | 3386389

Private Alfred Lemm lived in Rostrevor, Co. Down with his wife before going to war. He died during fighting in the Normandy Campaign on 16th July 1944.

Antony Howard Hollingsworth

Lieutenant | 299319

Antony Howard Hollingsworth married Hazel Lilian Kerr in Northern Ireland before his death while serving during the Battle of Normandy on 8th July 1944.

Bernard Joseph Robinson

Private | 4927283

Private Bernard Joseph Robinson of 1/6th Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment died on 6th July 1942 while his territorial unit was in Northern Ireland.

Bernard McCormick

Private | 1524125

Private Bernard McCormick of Coleraine, Co. Londonderry died on 8th July 1944 during 7th Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment's time in Normandy, France.

Bert Bates

Private | 4923643

Private Bert Bates of Oldpark, Belfast served in Normandy with 1/6th Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment at the time of his death on 7th August 1944.

Denis Harold Smallman

Lieutenant | 247203

Lieutenant Denis Harold Smallman died on 8th July 1944 as 7th Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment fought in the Battle of Normandy a month after D-Day.

William Harper

Corporal | 5253511

Corporal William Harper of 2/6th Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment died on 13th August 1944 during the Battle of Normandy. His grave is in Bayeux.