Royal Army Service Corps

Christopher John Webster

Lance Corporal | T/87268

Lance Corporal Christopher John Webster of Gilford, Co. Down died on 17th July 1944 while serving with 531st Infantry Brigade Company, RASC in Normandy.

David Preston Coventry

Corporal | T/31715

Corporal David Preston Coventry served in the Royal Army Service Corps in the Second World War. He died after the war's end in Belfast on 10th May 1947.

Ernest Stewart Currie

Driver | T/107789

Ernest Stewart Currie of Portadown, Co. Armagh was a Driver in the Royal Army Service Corps at his time of death towards the end of war on 18th June 1945.

James Hubbard

Driver | T/185541

Royal Army Service Corps Driver James Hubbard died while in Northern Ireland on 24th August 1941. His grave is in Newtownards, Co. Down.

Job Stott

Job Stott

Warrant Officer Class II | S/125050

Job Stott died in Nigeria on 3rd April 1943. He served during the Boer War, The Great War, and World War Two and was a founding member of Ulster Fascists.

John Gray

Corporal | T/134162

Corporal John Gray served in both the First World War and World War Two; the latter with Royal Army Service Corps before his death on 21st February 1943.

Norman Reid

Driver | T/187821

Driver Norman Reid of Belfast, Co. Antrim died as the result of an accident on 22nd February 1945 while serving with the Royal Army Service Corps in Italy.

Patrick Duffy

Private | T/178296

Patrick Duffy served in the Royal Army Service Corps. He died at his home on 18th April 1941 following the Belfast Blitz as a result of gas poisoning.

Sydney Spence

Driver | T/5334829

Driver Sydney Spence of Belfast served in the Royal Army Service Corps at his time of death on 28th August 1947 after the Second World War.