Durham Light Infantry

During the Second World War, the Durham Light Infantry raised 15 Battalions seeing action in France in 1940 and throughout the remainder of the conflict.

Arthur McCluskey

Private | 5335018

Private Arthur McCluskey of Portadown, Co. Armagh died on 10th September 1944 while in Belgium with 6th Battalion Durham Light Infantry.

James Leo McKay

Private | 4467178

Private James Leo McKay of Drumquin, Co. Tyrone died on 16th June 1944 while serving in the Kohima area of India with 2nd Battalion Durham Light Infantry.

John Cassells Browne

Major | 89229

Major John Cassells Browne died on 9th August 1944 when D Company, 6th Battalion Durham Light Infantry came under machine-gun attack in Normandy, France.

Patrick McCullagh

Private | 4034223

Private Patrick McCullagh of Co. Tyrone died on 16th June 1940 following 6th Battalion Durham Light Infantry's time in the British Expeditionary Force.