Ranville War Cemetery

Ranville War Cemetery is the final resting place of at least 33 men with connections to Northern Ireland who died during fighting in the Battle of Normandy.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission Graves

The 33 people below all have connections to Ulster and served during the Battle of Normandy in 1944.

Last NameFirst Name(s)RankDate of DeathGrave
BradleyGeorgeRifleman9th July 1944IV.A.7
ClarkePatrick JosephFusilier10th June 1944IIIA.B.6
CoyleJohnSergeant7th June 1944IVA.N.8
CrawfordWilnorRifleman14th June 1944IVA.G.17
CunninghamWilliam JohnWarrant Officer Class I17th June 1944IIA.B.12
ElliottWilliam LynasPrivate12th June 1944IVA.G.18
GlassSamuelRifleman7th June 1944IA.A.1
GreerHenryLance Corporal8th June 1944IVA.G.2
HeganWilliam JamesRifleman13th June 1944IIIA.B.4
HoeyRobertPrivate9th July 1944IVA.C.19
HumphreysDavid GwynfrynLance Corporal16th August 1944IX.D.16
JeffersonNormanCorporal7th June 1944IIA.C.5
JohnstonWilliamRifleman19th June 1944VA.Q.2
KeysThomasRifleman20th July 1944IX.C.29
MagillNathaniel MortonRifleman11th June 1944IIIA.F.4
MaginnisGeorge AlexanderLieutenant18th July 1944IVA.B.13
MearnsHerbertRifleman9th June 1944IIA.H.5
MullinsPatrick JamesRifleman8th June 1944IVA.D.2
McBurneyWilliam AshwoodRifleman9th July 1944IIIA.J.1
McCarthyTerenceCorporal13th June 1944IIIA.M.4
McCooJohnRifleman13th June 1944IIIA.K.4
McCullaghFrankPrivate13th June 1944I.E.3
McCulloughClarence JohnSapper9th June 1944IA.C.18
McIlroyJamesRifleman9th June 1944IA.D.13
McSorleyJohn FrancisPrivate12th June 1944IA.F.20
OfordHenryPrivate11th June 1944II.F.22
PittHenry WilliamCorporal19th August 1944IIA.M.14
ReidGordonPrivate7th July 1944IIA.E.3
StoneCharles EdwardCaptain30th June 1944IIIA.E.9
VincentJohn LeonardLance Corporal16th August 1944IX.D.20
WillisNormanRifleman9th June 1944V.B.23
WolseyWilliam HenryLance Corporal9th August 1944III.B.1
YoungJamesSergeant6th June 1944IVA.N.6

Charles Edward Stone

Captain | 137894

Captain Charles Edward Stone of Banbridge, Co. Down lived in England before his death on 30th June 1944 while serving in the Royal Artillery in Normandty.

David Gwynfryn Humphreys

Lance Corporal | 3957954

Lance Corporal David Gwynfryn Humphreys died on 16th August 1944 while serving in 1/5th Battalion Welch Regiment in the hard-fought Battle of Normandy.

George Alexander Maginnis

Lieutenant | 203952

Lieutenant George Alexander Maginnis served in B Company, 1st Battalion, Royal Ulster Rifles at the time of his death in Normandy, France on 18th July 1944.

George Bradley

Rifleman | 7014121

Rifleman George Bradley of Belfast died on 9th July 1944 while serving with A Company, 2nd Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles during the Battle of Normandy.

Gordon Reid

Private | 14410593

Private Gordon Reid of Cookstown, Co. Tyrone died on 7th July 1944. He once parachuted into France on a covert mission with Lieutenant Colonel Blair Mayne.

Henry Greer

Lance Corporal | 6985178

Lance Corporal Henry Greer of Cookstown, Co. Tyrone died near Sainte-Honorine on 8th June 1944. He landed on D-Day with 1st Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles.

Henry Oford

Private | 14434072

Known to family and friends as Harry, Private Henry Oford of Derry/Londonderry died on 11th June 1944 during the Black Watch's advance on Breville.

Henry William Pitt

Corporal | 5111378

Corporal Henry William Pitt married Margaret Therese Quigley of Derry/Londonderry. He died on 19th August 1944 while serving in the Normandy campaign.

John Francis McSorley

Private | 1595047

Private John Francis McSorley of Gortin, Co. Tyrone fought with The Parachute Regiment near Merville, Normandy following D-Day and died on 12th June 1944.